Mulatta Tabaquera

Mulatta Tabaquera:

Cigar show Don Pedro also has the honor to present the mulatta master (не знаю как перевести слово мулатка), a woman, as in Cuba, this craft is successfully carried out also by women. Our Tabaquera from Habana worked in Cohiba and Partagas factories. At the request of the customer she will be able to turn the myth of rolling real Cuban cigars on female thighs in reality! Although as a true professional, our Tabaquera prefers the traditional way. A myth took from the Indians - the indigenous inhabitants of the Liberty Island, who first discovered the qualities of tobacco. Men were away hunting, and women rolled cigars and without tables, were doing it on their hips. Spanish arrived on the island appreciated the process of smoking.
They brought tobacco to Spain, began to cultivate and improved technology of rolling cigars, of course, on the tables. But the beautiful myth lives on today! It is fair to note that women are more skilled in making cigar thanks to tenderness of their hands and unhurried style of work.



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